Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creating Your Own Material Yet?

Are you creating your own material yet or are you just still circulating known marketers' works? More Internet Marketing materials? Perhaps you know some interesting "how to" information that is outside the realm of fast-paced marketing spiels. If so, your "how to" information might be of interest to others.

Recently, I had to go offline for a while and focus on some particular studies, so I missed a lot of what was going on in marketing circles online - no worries - when I came back both a LOT had happened and NOTHING had happened at all! That is, there were a LOT of Guru marketing products I missed - but upon inspection of a few PDFs I was able to download right after getting back online - the information inside was really NOTHING NEW.

Consequent to my break from being online and promoting what I promote, the eCourses and such that I was promoting were stalled - but as I make a return to online activity, I'm noticing that I didn't miss much. Also, my eCourses all have to be re-vamped - but that's okay because I'm definitely turning to non-marketing subjects more for my future.

Something I'm extremely thankful for is the paid for writing sites I spent a lot of time on prior to my online absence. These still paid while I was away! These deals are my own words, not some canned marketers products. My own articles and not someone else's software or 'money making blueprint' are what kept some funds coming in so that I can make (mostly) a fresh start - or re-vamp a few particular things I was interested in for money making online.

I'll keep urging readers to promote themselves and unique content.

Hurrah for article sites, blogs, writer software, and related tools and sites!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Move Away From IM Topics

Although you're probably in the IM-Internet Marketing business, sometimes it's good to move away from topics that involve Internet Marketing.

The Internet is chock-full of Internet Marketing manuals, blueprints, plans, formulas and instructional PLR materials.

If you know something ELSE other than Internet Marketing know-how and tips, try promoting something ELSE for a little while and see how this works out for you.

For instance - if you know a whole lot about Cactus Plants, create a 'how to' eBook, webpage, article, etc., about 'how to grow a healthy cactus,' and include such topics as 'how to select your first cactus plant,' 'materials to have on hand when trying to grow a healthy cactus,' 'things that are detrimental to the health of your new cactus plant,' and you get the picture, right?

A lot of people are getting sick of the 'same old same old' online - even though they are looking for ways to make money online. A nice distraction of how to do something practical and everyday can be a nice change of pace for people while they're sorting through money-making searches, and by providing practical materials for people, there's no reason why YOU cannot still earn from your efforts!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

You Can Create

Create Your Own Material

With so much talk about re-selling and PRL topics online, people forget that they can actually create their own valuable re-sellable products.

Even after my last post about 'ghostwriting,' readers don't always have to be led in the direction of always working with someone else's material.

This blog is about providing CHOICES, and one of the choices should also be in creating your own material.

If you are very dedicated to or know a lot about a certain field or topic of business, nothing is stopping you from creating your OWN re-sellable information items. Also, don't restrict yourself to purely 'business' products.

We tend to see almost exclusively 'business' and 'marketing' material online when we are attempting to do business and earn money online ourselves.

To tell you the truth, there is a veritable and extreme SATURATION of business and marketing information products online - and this has been the case for several years already! So - why not 'CREATE YOUR OWN' resale products OUTSIDE of the topics of marketing and business online?

Do you have a hobby that you're intensely dedicated to, that you pursue on a regular basis? Are you an avid CHESS player, or even an avid player of one of the online video or PRG games? Can you create a 'guide' or 'strategy manual' for those who don't know so much about Chess or your favourite online game?

It is true that these two areas are also quite saturated with 'guides,' however, there are as many ways and maneouvres in chess and online game-play as there are players, so creating a guide or manual will be easy to put a personal touch on, too.

There may be limited ways to use an autoresponder, limited, of course to what our current technology can make our autoresponders do! Therefore, only a certain amount of info-products can be better than the last information about autoresponders. This means that a TON of info-products, resellable and PRL products are SIMPLY DUPLICATE INFORMATION being passed around the internet.

Your success in selling those kinds of products will rely almost solely on your internet marketing experience, your sales copy, your reputation.


Try going OUTSIDE of the marketing field for a little while and see what happens.

You can test some of your knowledge, if you're going to be working with 'information' products, so that you don't take a big leap before you look, so to speak.

Test out how your knowledge is going to be received by writing a few random articles at Squidoo or Hub Pages, try APSense or any other site that gives you some kind of earnings for writing. If you get good response and a lot of viewers and comments at some of these places, well - GREAT - GET TO WORK - on making a more comprehensive 'info-product' for readers.

Some other topic possibilities that seem to be SATURATING the online markets are recipes, online gaming, info-bits about celebrities.

HOWEVER - these things can be made more PERSONAL - therefore, you can still actually create income from within a saturated market, by BEING YOURSELF.

There may be a bazillion recipes already online - but by taking care in how you organize a collection of YOUR favorite recipes, and by effecting an excellent, personal reputation with people in this area, you can still break into this niche and do well.

The same can be said about info-bits about celebrities. Although there are a gazillion sites with bits about Britney Spears, if you have a certain writing and presentation style, other Britney fans (of foes) will want to see what you have to say, what information YOU unravel about Britney. "The Personal" is what will make YOUR writing in this field DIFFERENT from everyone else.

You'll also 'brand' yourself to others in a very significant way.

Think outside the box - and for GOSHSAKES - stop doing what everyone else is doing from time to time.

Do you want to be a carbon-copy or a success?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Have You Thought About Ghostwriters?

Are you convinced that creating your own info-products is the way to go with your online business?

Do you keep running out of time with product creation?

Maybe you can hire a ghostwriter to assist you. It's something to think seriously about.

Just because you're busy doing other things - this doesn't mean your online business has to suffer - or not get going at all.

If you've got great info-product ideas, but a busy lifestyle, this shouldn't prevent you from getting your great ideas out to others. A ghostwriter may be able to help you complete your products, and many ghostwriters are quite flexible where information development is concerned. The main thing is that if you don't like where the ghostwriter ends up, ask for an edit, make changes. Work closely with the ghostwriter so that he/she knows what you expect.

There will probably be a 'revision' process, but that's okay - it will iron out 'the bugs' and make your information products better. The ghostwriter will still use YOUR ideas...and you have the final say on the product.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do You Like Squid?

Squidoo, that is?

Are you using Squidoo yet for promotion?

If not, you ought to check out the Squidoo site.

Here's a 'hobby' lens I created about a show I love to watch on TV.

It's my "Heroes" Lens (Heroes, created by Tim Kring, aired on NBC TV Monday nights)

(that's right, put your pointer on the squid-eye and press - don't worry, he's a tough li'l guy)
Check out my lens

The best part - Squidoo is FUN!

I got to blog about a great show that I have a good time watching and chatting about, and also - I was able to integrate my Amazon, Adsense, CafePress, and other affiliate 'store' IDs so that I get paid when people purchase Heroes-related items from my Squid-Lens...PLUS - I am also promoting a Social Site that I'm earning money from!

How great is that?

As you've noticed, there's been a 'lag' in my posting recently. Admittedly, before coming to post about Squidoo, I hadn't posted on my Reseller blog since early September.

I started University classes again this September and hit the books hard - so I wanted something to do to keep earning money - but I WANTED TO HAVE FUN with promoting, and still be able to keep up on studying - so I headed over to Squidoo!

Working with the Squidoo software and format is sooooooooo EASY - it's been a great stress relief to just blog about FUN STUFF, so I hope you'll take the hint and head on over to grab your own free account at Squidoo and HAVE SOME FUN, too, while you earn!

Now that I'm in more-or-less, a 'routine' with my studies under control, I'll be back to post more at blogger. I'm still DEFINITELY working with resell products - I just took a li'l break here and also did a 'test' project with Squidoo that turned out much, MUCH better than I ever expected!

Go grab yourself some Squid! You'll acquire a taste for it really quickly - TRUST ME!

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Drop me a Line

My new website should be functional by September 15, but if you need to contact me before then, drop me a line through the Yuwie Social Site.

Just log in, look for 'teeray' and send me a message. I'll respond as soon as possible.

If you're not a member at Yuwie yet, don't worry, membership is FREE. The site is really easy to get around in, and sending messages is a simple task, as well. If you can manage emails, you'll have no troubles sending messages through the Yuwie site.

Yuwie also pays members for interacting at the site, so it's more than just a site for messaging friends. It's a great place to network, learn about online business, and BEST OF ALL, it's NEW - with New members who are all working to help each other out and earn money.

Check it out - send me a message!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogsvertise - Earn From Your Blog

You Can Advertise on My Blog

Along with distributing Resale Items in various ways, blogging can be a lucrative way to bring in money, particularly if you team up with sites that pay YOU for advertising on your blog. That is what the above link is about.

The following banner says it all (in a Google-friendly way):

Click Advertise on My Blog

* Build a BUZZ about your blog
* Build legitimate links to your blog

The people who choose to use your blog for advertising will naturally and definitely be linking to your blog. They want THEIR readers and clients to be seeing OTHER sites and blogs that talk about their products, services, and items, so you are guaranteed to get links and traffic back to your blog.

I am using 'alternative' context ads and materials on this particular blog. I call anything other than 'Google' types of ads 'alternative,' just to keep things simple because, frankly, Google is WAY AT THE TOP of the advertizing field, but there are several legitimate and useful sites/companies on Google's tail. Too many to count, so I just use the term 'alternative.'

In this post, I'm introducing you to the 'Blogsvertize' site, but I also want to give a tip to those considering using Google-based ads on their sites and blogs.

Google DOES NOT LIKE 'coaxed clicking' on any pages where their advertising sits. This is why I posted the banner above. It says all it needs to say, without the common words 'Click Here To Find Out' or 'Click To Visit Our Site' or simply 'Click Here.'

Money Making opportunities online are getting better and better.

They really are - however - many Money Making systems are very COMPLICATED online. They utilize multiple income stream business models - which means they are complicated for the newer or even average users.

Luckily, many systems are making it easier and easier for people to use their 'promotional tools.' This includes giving people attractive banners that are ready-made. Then, all that people have to do is simply copy and paste to their website or blog.

Unfortunately, you have to carefully select some of the banners you will use, particularly if you are incorporating Google Adsense and Google-related context ads on your website or blog. You can't select the banners that say 'Click here' on your sites or blogs that use Google ad forms.

The banner above, in this post, is an example of a 'safe' one to use if you've turned your blog or site into a Google-friendly site. If you look in my left-hand sidebar, you'll see another Blogsvertise banner that IS NOT suggested for use on a site or blog that you've decided to put Google context ads onto.

The obvious difference:

* My side-bar Blogsvertise banner (with the female) says 'Click Here'
* The in-post Blogsvertize banner (above, with the male) does NOT say 'click here.'

Blogsvertise gave me the following TEXT ref-link to use for promotion:
Click Here to Advertise on My Blog
But I changed the TEXT area to say 'You Can Advertise on My Blog.'

Blogsvertise has some other text links that don't have the word 'click' in them, but I wanted to show that you usually have some control over text links. MAKE SURE that if you're using Google context ads, you check the text that will be displayed in ready-made promo-links that affiliate sites make for you to use.

If you're building a Reseller Business, then you're probably blogging about your products and looking for ways to generate traffic to your blogs or websites. You're probably writing articles from time to time and leading your article readers back to your blog so that they can check out what new products and items you're offering.

If you're looking to gain more income streams, you will incorporate things like 'Context Ads' onto your sites and blogs so that you can also be paid when people visit your blog or website. You ought to also find opportunities like Blogsvertise that will help you gain more links back to your site or blog.

Backlinks are important because they direct some Internet traffic (web visitors) your way. They also start to help build your 'authority' on the web.

If you get involved with Blogsvertise and gain a number of legitimate 'tasks' from Blogsvertise, people will know that the Blogsvertise ad and promotion company saw YOUR BLOG as a blog worth advertising on. People aren't going to select your blog through Blogsvertise if they don't believe it is receiving visitors or is a decent blog with a writer who has some authority on the blog topics he or she is posting about.

See how multiple income streams are just programs that work together, WHILE YOU ARE WORKING on your main focus - being a reseller?

See how all these things can be put together for your benefit?

* Beware of the 'click here' demon-words that Google hates!